Mount Sharp - Serious Business on BTR [ep159]

Mount Sharp on BTR. So good.

Beach Babes From Beyond - Trailer

This is so dumb it’s great.


Very excited to announce the forthcoming release from Gowanus band Mount Sharp. The EP, Weird Fears, will emerge late summer 2014. The physical release features an A side with a solid 20 minutes of pop songs drenched in rock energy and noisey guitar and a B side featuring a custom etching from Kris Johnsen

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Now’s the time to get familiar with the band. Go watch their episode of Break Thru Radio featuring a performance of “Crazy Eyes” and then drop them a friendly hello on Twitter - @HelloMountSharp.

Pleased to announce the addition of Mount Sharp to the yk records roster and am quite excited for everyone to hear their EP, Weird Fears.

Abner Jay-I’m So Depressed

Loving this song.

Street Fighter II (The Church Edition) “ORIGINAL VIDEO”

such lol

OBVIOUS CHILD - official trailer HD

yep. will see.

God Damn - Shoe Prints In The Dust

The story of stuffed animals

Happy - Pharrell Williams (No Music Musicvideo) #HAPPYDAY



NOT CG! Stop Motion animation with 3D printed models. Love it!

crystmounts (loop)

Films for a Party

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