Bernal Hill selfie


Glad someone did this. 1:48


Roy Ira - “Hunted by a Freak” (Mogwai)

You might not think a band self-identifying as “Folk Indie Country" would be able to cover the post-rock goodness of Mogwai with much delight but Roy Ira proves to be the exception to the rule. Be sure to watch the rest of the set as well: "Waltz for Aidan" and "Friend of the Night

Bummed I missed this but happy that YouTube was able to provide some quality video.

日清食品 カレーメシ

I love this because I don’t understand it.

Тщетность бытия \ The futility of existence

Video Perfection

Eidolon - Initialization

This movie is gonna be GOOD

worst wheel of fortune contestant ever

absolutely brutal.

Usually, when we talk about creativity, it’s about self-expression, which is great, but for work to be art or design, there has to be someone on the other end. The audience makes the work come alive.

Austin Kleon - The Great Discontent Interview

I’m making this my morning mantra.

Austin also comes with a phenomenon called the “velvet rut.” Back in the 70s, a lot of musicians moved to Austin because it was so laid-back and cheap, and because it was a respite from Nashville. These musicians didn’t need a lot to live on, and they were comfortable with gigging, so they never really became ambitious to do anything else because Austin was so comfortable: that’s the velvet rut. It’s real, and it’s easy to get stuck in it. You start to think, “I’ve got my breakfast tacos, my sunshine, my BBQ, and my food trucks. I’m just going to sit here and do my thing.”

- Austin Kleon, The Great Discontent Interview

unsurprisingly, this phenomena applies 100% to Nashville residents as well.

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